The NHS and IPSOS produce an annual survey of the GP practices in England, made up of 2.65 million questionnaires, and the 2023 results have just been released.

Some of the key findings are summarised in the table below.

QuestionPlas FfynnonNational Average
Is it easy to get through to this GP service by phone?79%50%
Are the receptionists at this practice helpful?92%82%
Are you satisfied with the GP appointment times available?58%53%
Were you satisfied with the appointment you were offered?84%72%
Was the experience of making an appointment good?76%54%
Was the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to good at giving them enough time during their last general practice appointment?88%84%
Did you feel the healthcare professional recognised or understood any mental health needs during your last general practice appointment?87%81%
Did you feel your needs were met during your last general practice appointment?96%91%

You can find the full results at Patient Experience (