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Are you a carer?

Many of us will look after an elderly relative, sick partner or disabled family member at some point in our lives. Often people do not think of themselves as carers at all but see what they are doing as part of their role as, for example, mother, husband, wife, son or friend.

Anyone who helps with the care needs of a friend or relative who is unable to live independently without their help, without pay for their services, is a carer.

​Carers requiring support, information or advice on vaccine eligibility should contact Shropshire Carers Team:

Join our carers register

Knowing which of our patients is a carer or has a carer improves the healthcare we can give.

Please join our Carers Register by clicking below:

Do you care for an older person or someone with Dementia?

Caring for an older person, particularly if they are your partner can be difficult. Click below to find out more:

Are you a Mental Health Carer?

Caring for someone with mental health issues can be especially complex.

Click below to find out more about the support available:

Are you a Forensic Carer?

Forensic Carers are a specific group of Carers who have had to deal with their loved-one becoming so unwell they have come into contact with the Criminal Justice System.