You must only come into the building if you have an appointment, you are making a delivery, or you are collecting something.

You must not enter the building if you have any Coronavirus symptoms, unless we have invited you here. You should stay at home and get yourself tested via the NHS website or by phoning 119.

All queries should be dealt with by telephone or online (via econsult for example)

When you are in the building, please maintain social distancing. Do not attend with unnecessary people, attend at your allotted time and leave the building promptly when you have finished.

If you have your own mask, please wear it.

If we tell you to wait in your car then please do so, but ensure you phone to say you are there.

​For your protection we advise YOU to do the following:

  • Use face coverings
  • Make use of the hand sanitiser that is available
  • Ensure that you adhere to the social distancing guidelines
  • Have minimal face to face contact with others

In return WE will do the following for you:

  • Triage all face-to-face contacts to enable the safest possible care
  • Wear PPE for all face-to-face encounters
  • Be scrupulous with hygiene
  • Provide screens between you and non-clinical staff